Infidelity Recovery; Healing After an Affair

In the aftermath of an affair we are so flooded with shock, hurt and anger, it seems impossible to know what to do next.
Maybe you have just come clean about your infidelity and are at a loss on how to repair your relationship.
How did we get here?
If my partner loved me, why would he cheat?
How can she be so cold and distant?
Where do we go from here?

People lose their emotional and sexual connection with their partners for many reasons. 
Life becomes busy, complicated and depleting. Our lives circle around our children,
our jobs and all the things we pressure ourselves to be. 
We are faced with trauma and tragedy and find it difficult to connect the way we once did.
Sometimes it's just the lust and desire we had for our partner dissipates over time.
We put ourselves and our relationships on the back burner until they have all but withered away.

Some of these reasons are what people find lead to the state of their relationship where the infidelity occurred.
I believe that infidelity is often the result of previous hurts that have accumulated in the relationship.
My approach to infidelity recovery is to help people process their emotions experienced as a
result of the infidelity, to explore their patterns of expressing and showing love,
and to gain understanding of the context where infidelity occurred. 
Through understanding, we gain preventative skills and confidence infidelity won't happen again.

I believe two truths in this approach: No person is ever responsible for their partner's infidelity and
 that being unfaithful does not make someone inherently bad.
I work with couples who wish to examine their previous behaviors, gain skills in communication and find trust after infidelity.


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