What is Sex Therapy?

As defined by the Human Sexuality program at New York University, "A sex therapist helps you define the type of sexual dysfunction that’s affecting you and addresses the resulting sexual distress. Problems with sex are often compounded by strained communication between partners. A goal of sex therapy is to enhance communication using a behavioral approach to resolve those problems.
Sex therapy consists of discussions in your therapist’s office, along with special exercises designed to make you feel more relaxed in your sexual interactions. These exercises are practiced in the privacy of your own home. The goal of sex therapy is to maximize the potential for satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness."

In my practice I like to challenge what's "normal", investigate theories my clients have about sex, and help create new ideas and meanings my clients have about their sexuality.
As safety and security guide the way, we explore aspects of sexuality that may be scary to venture into alone.


You can have the sex life you want.


Communication about sex is hard. Often, we abandon the thought of having the sex life we desire because we don't know how to communicate our needs to our partner or we shame ourselves for feeling selfish. Or perhaps, we don't know what our own sexual needs really are. With our partners, sex can become complicated and emotionally depleting; we avoid it in order to preserve the current state of the relationship. By creating an open, creative and safe environment for couples to communicate in, the couples I work with build trust and erotic intimacy in their relationships. Passion isn't reserved for the honeymoon stage of new relationships; desire doesn't have to dim. When it comes to couples and sex, I believe you CAN have the sex you want and you CAN desire what you already have. 

Make the change today.